Noémie te Rietmolen

About me

Hello. My name is Noémie te Rietmolen. I am a PhD graduate interested in the interplay between attention and prediction, particularly as it pertains to the modulation of neural excitability during speech processing.

I have a background in cognitive neuroscience, having obtained my MSc in Brain & Cognition at the University of Amsterdam. Because I have always been especially interested in interdisciplinary work, I went on to obtain a PhD degree in Linguistics at the University of Toulouse on the "Neural signature of metrical stress processing in French" .

The dissertation centered on the phonological status of French accentuation, a complex subject given that French is traditionally described a "language without accent". With a series of event-related potential studies we show French listeners to not only anticipate words to be marked with their underlying metrical pattern, but actively and automatically use the information during speech comprehension.

My ambition is to continue my work on the neural machinery supporting the role of rhythm and prediction in guiding attention for optimal cognitive processing.


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Presentation PhD defense

Presentation for RUGBI

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